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MONDAY 4th JULY 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


Winston Churchill – Was he really the ‘Greatest ever Briton’?

We enthusiastically welcome back John Hamer... who tells history as it really is!

Winston Churchill: the man voted in a fairly recent newspaper poll as the ‘greatest ever Englishman’, was actually an evil, self-serving, narcissistic, opportunistic, hypocritical, treacherous, traitorous, and a murdering psychopath.

The truth about Winston Churchill is that he was a traitor who, in any just society would have been executed for either murder or high treason (or both); a menace to our freedoms and liberty, and a disaster for Britain, for Europe, for the United States of America, and indeed for Western civilisation itself, from WW2 and right up to the present day.

Sounds ridiculous? 

John’s presentation is a full and comprehensive vindication of the above statements. One not to be missed!

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MONDAY 18th JULY 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


What’s a Community Church/Ministry?

A talk by our new landlords at the Community Hall. There’s a lot of talk these day of the importance of community. The Well Church is actively involved in community work on a daily basis

Presenters Nev Flack and Alan Buckley are key members of a dedicated (Christian) team that deliver community “ministries” in Lytham St Annes, including running this community hall. Many people have never or rarely been to church; most don’t really know what the church stands for or what it does. That’s the church’s own fault. After many years of largely ignoring its local communities, why should those communities be interested in the church?

Jesus Christ himself was radical and dynamic and totally engaged with the communities where he lived and worked. He trained his disciples to follow in his footsteps and they turned the Roman world upside down in a few short decades. “Community churches” are now understanding that if we hope to have the same impact, we need to go back to doing what he and they did and said – never forgetting the supernatural dimension in the most radical principle of all – that Jesus himself is always with us guiding, directing and empowering what we do.

Learn about how the team has grown up and developed within several churches in our town, and how the pandemic couldn’t close these “ministries” down."


MONDAY 1st AUGUST 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


A History Of Science Fiction

Mark Olly – always extremely interesting – talks about the influence of Science Fiction in ’13 Chapters’

Science Fiction has a long and curious history... from the first Medieval musings about reality, through the cartoons and fantasies of the Renaissance, to the Victorian obsession with things alien and scientific.

Science Fiction exerts a powerful presence over everything we do through its influence over the 21st Century.

And is it a form of prophesy?...

... with its seemingly inescapable urge to tell us what “they” have planned for us?

Perhaps... but we can certainly prophesy that it will be – as usual with Mark – a truly fascinating evening!

MONDAY 15th AUGUST 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


Nuclear waste “safely stored” 
in an insecure underground

Waste Not, Want Not

Richard Outram – Secretary of the UK/Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities – brings serious concerns to our attention

At a time when Prime Minister Boris Johnson has talked up the prospect of building new nuclear power stations, Richard Outram, Secretary of the UK/Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities, will talk on current plans to dispose of Britain’s legacy of toxic radioactive waste generated over almost seven decades of nuclear power generation, focussing on proposals for the North West region.

The UK Government’s current plans are to establish a Geological Disposal Facility – a nuclear waste dump – at an onshore or offshore location with the right geology and a local community willing to accept it. Three of the possible four sites are in West Cumbria, near to the nuclear facility at Sellafield. But elsewhere in the US and in Germany, underground storage has not gone so well, and accidents have given authorities pause to rethink.

Nearer home, at the Springfields Nuclear Fuel factory outside Preston, operators Westinghouse have just signed an agreement with US partner, Perma-fix, to build a plant to burn nuclear waste. In the US, Bob Alvarez, famous for his work exposing the truth about the mysterious death of anti-nuclear activist, Karen Silkwood, produced a report which roundly condemned Perma-fix for its failings in America.

Dump it or burn it – Richard will examine the pitfalls of both… and explain why the NFLA does not want either.


Richard Outram has been Secretary of the NFLA since November 2021. Richard has a First-Class Honours Degree in International Relations and Security Studies from the Peace Studies Department at the University of Bradford. He has over 20 years’ experience of employment as a local government officer, working latterly in policy development and research, and has also previously served his community as a borough and parish Councillor. In his spare time, Richard volunteers as the Secretary of the Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum, which he co-founded.

Civil nuclear is now a very dynamic field of activity with current government policy favouring the development of several new large scale nuclear plants; the creation of a network of supposedly-small modular reactors; further research into fusion energy; and the establishment of a Geological Disposal Facility to accommodate Britain’s nuclear waste. As Britain’s aging Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors will be taken off-line within the next decade, there will also be an increased emphasis on decommissioning. In addition, local authorities continue to experience the transit of nuclear warheads in road convoys and nuclear waste trains. NFLA is also a member of ICAN (the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and works to support an eventual global ban on nuclear weapons.

All of these issues are of immense concern to NFLA members and the Secretary’s role is to ensure that the NFLA remains is at the centre of the nuclear policy agenda and responsive to the needs of local government at this critical time in the civil nuclear field and in the quest for universal nuclear disarmament.